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Tuesday 31st March 2020

Sponsor us and extend your marketing reach


I am delighted to share the current ‘stay at home’ policy has enabled me to develop and launch our Online Sponsorship Plan.

You will know that we do not charge any mandatory joining and membership fees. Like many businesses, we need to justify running and growing: Your region’s business network™.  

We rely on the kind support of our sponsors. In return, we provide them with events management and marketing assistance which are cost-effective, proven and unique.

Whilst we, of course, have stopped our offline events during these unprecedented times, we believe business should not stop, where possible and in line with our government’s directives.

Many of you will know that this is not the time to hold back on your marketing efforts. We all want to come out of this period as strong as we can. This also applies to potential sponsors.

Sponsor SELBN™ and you will be known for supporting local businesses:

As your region’s business network, our ambition is to continue to provide value to our members. Whilst doing so, we enable you - as sponsors - to help others in the wider business community. Your respective business propositions may be communicated to an organically grown and local business audience with a highly regarded business social network, LinkedIn, at its foundation and, additionally, through other channels. SELBN™ is a fully integrated business network with many email subscribers.

Here’s what we at SELBN™ wish to do, especially over the next few months:

  • Continue to engage with and grow our 3500+ member LinkedIn group. - The region’s largest.

  • Keep the wider business community informed of news and events to help beat isolation.

  • Market / host webinars, enabling us to offer expertise from many business experts. (We have extensive experience hosting networking and business growth events since I founded SELBN™ in 2010. Some photos may be found here.)

Choose your online sponsorship plan.*

Which do you want to be?...

  • Known for supporting local businesses.

  • Known for helping local businesses.

  • Known for engaging with local businesses. 


  • Known for being a thought leader for local businesses.

I look forward to hearing from you, in the hope that you can support us too.


John Coupland

Founder, South East London Business Network (SELBN)

Twitter: @JohnCoupland_  @SELBN_UK   #SELBN

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