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12/03/20: Please read this page with this update about the Coronavirus in mind.

- We have stopped offline events until further notice.

See SELBN's Online Sponsorship Plans.

People are at the heart of everything we do.

Whether it's networking, seminars and events, we help other networks collaborate by filling their seats at their events and places at networking events, not just our own.

If you consider yourself to be a great speaker with something valuable to share, we can give you the platform you need.

You offer outstanding services or range of products? We can help spread the word!

With South East London's combined network, consisting of thousands of business owners, our proven reach is likely to be the most extensive with absolutely no known fake likes or followers on our social networks. (You can easily spot them on many other networks who boast about large followings!) Through our hard work and tenacity, our network is 100% organically grown and continues to flourish.

Here's a snapshot: (All numbers are minimum):

Social media:

Total 21,500.

Email marketing:

Plus, there's email marketing. A very powerful means to reach active business people.

Our business ACCELerate™ Your Social Media, (a sub brand of ACCELerate™ Your Business - which is SELBN's Executive Sponsor), powers links to our email newsletters via social media marketing. The approach is unique and derives from SELBN Founder John Coupland's Amazon bestselling book*. (*Sales and marketing - International category).

We have hundreds of active email subscribers.

So, with the social networks we're on, that's a total network reach of well over 20,000 - Most of whom are just a few miles from your business in South East London.

Our propositions:

NEW: Spring 2020: SELBN's Online Sponsorship Plans

Our sponsorship packages are one of the best and unique in the region. (We can even tap into other networks to provide a national and international reach, if required.)

In our view, nothing beats an organically grown network. Paying an agency hundreds of pounds, (even more in some cases), for SEO or adwords may be the 'in' thing however how many people have told you they actually get the results they expected?

Having run our own events since 2010, SELBNis a well known, local and trusted brand.

It's a network in its own right. Doesn't it make more sense to market to a network which is warm and known by so many?

So if you're fed up with marketing agencies and PR gurus who tell you a great story however have little or no network to help you, get in touch with us today.

Complete the Contact page to enquire about our packages. We are so transparent, we would be happy to prove and substantiate the numbers above in any qualification meeting. (Genuine enquiries only).

How many other networks would do the same when it comes to targeted marketing and PR?...and don't forget - We host and help organise events for other networks too!

Check out 'Partnerships' to see some of the well known organisations we have helped. You may well be surprised!

Check out this blog by Nathan Sharpe, Biznas. (Featured here, with permission).

'The Unbeatable Business Advantages of Running Local Community Events.'

Our sponsors have included well respected and established businesses such as:

Bells Accountants, Business Strategies Consultancy Ltd, Chislehurst Chiropractic Clinic, Contingent Works, FLR Spectron Limited, Judge & Priestley Solicitors, NatWest Business, Thackray Williams LLP Solicitors, UK Business Mentoring, WorldPay, Your Bromley and others. Many have sponsored us more than once and kindly continue to do so.

Please also bear in mind that we are not only extremely selective when choosing sponsors and partners, however also with those whom we help with marketing and PR. We have an outstanding reputation and network to protect. Many recommendations may be viewed in SELBN Founder John Coupland's LinkedIn profile.


"I would like to thank John for all the help and support with a SELBN event he organised for me to both sponsor and speak at. I am really impressed with John’s attention to detail and professionalism."

- Dr. Jason Gould, Chislehurst Chiropractic Clinic.

"My company Bells Accountants have sponsored a number of John Coupland's events now and they are always very well attended and brilliantly organised. As a marketing expert John and the South East London Business Network (SELBN) have been hugely helpful in raising our profile in our local community and beyond!!" - Joanne Bell, Bells Accountants Ltd.

"I have known John for several years now and have always found him to be very understanding and meritorious of my respect. His understanding of his clients' needs is impeccable. His experience and knowledge in his field is without any doubt deserving. John is a top marketeer, a solicitous network organiser doing all possible for his clients, not leaving any opportunities unturned which I, personally, especially experienced as a sponsor at one of his recent SELBN networking events. His tenacity pays off well more so witnessing how very well attended his events are not only in numbers but also with a high quality audience. Certainly commendable and would unhesitantly highly recommend John as a business and strategic partner." - Gerlanda Milioto, Business Strategies Consultancy Ltd.

"I would like to highly recommend John. He is a true professional, the best in his field. He is a great communicator with exceptional skills in all aspects of marketing." - Adrian Clay, Monster Merchandising Ltd.

"We Mean Business 2011 was an incredibly successful day for the small business community of Croydon. Most of the marketing plan revolved around social media, and John was instrumental in the design and delivery of the strategy. Great Job John!" - Jeremy Frost, Frost Group Limited.

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