How we can help you.

How we help at a glance

Here's a summary of what we do and how we can help you:

Networking events - Where you can meet many new local contacts and professionals visiting our region. (Events can be at your business premises too!)*

Business support - Learn how to accelerate your business through seminars, workshops, expos and also back-of-house support such as accountancy, admin and many other services.

Marketing - Get professional help in ensuring you're leading your sector and growing.

PR - Want to get the word out about your product or service?

With probably the most extensive reach throughout SE London, including Croydon and surrounding areas, you're in the right place! (Please see N.B, below)*.

Events management - Planning an event and want a healthy attendance?

We believe no-one works as hard as us in producing integrated marketing campaigns to help you fill your event - with the right people. (The evidence is right in front of you - We built and nurtured our network from zero to over 20,000. See 'Sponsorship opportunities' for more information).

SELBN was founded and is managed by John Coupland, ACCELerate™ Your Business, who are owners and executive sponsors of the network). John has many years proven experience in marketing both in corporate and small business arenas.

Who else in your region has both the expertise and who has worked hard to build an organically grown network with such an extensive reach to help you?

Why feed multi national companies like Google and Facebook with expensive adwords to market to people who are not part of an integrated network when you have a warm, local, network right here?

Feel free to browse our website for further information and complete the Contact form, found at the top of this website, clearly outlining what assistance you need. Please also include a link to your LinkedIn profile and website to help us with your inquiry. Thank you.

*N.B. PR - We offer 30 minutes' free consultation, (Skype or phone), to assess what you're offering and how we may help. All pricing is bespoke. We don't offer menu pricing as we believe no two businesses' requirements are the same.

Please also bear in mind that we are not only extremely selective when choosing sponsors and partners, however also with those whom we help with marketing and PR. We have an outstanding reputation and network to protect. Many recommendations may be found in John's LinkedIn profile.

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